Come and see the culturally rich reindeer farm that has become a favorite place for so many people.

First coffees were served for skiers at 1982. Then the skiing tracks were made by Sammuntupa owners. Sammuntupa is one of the oldest cross-country cafes and program providers in the area of Levi.

After 35 years Sammuntupa is still providing its best service for everybody, so it doesn´t matter if you come with skis, snowmobile or by car. From the area you will find café Sammun-Tupa, the main house Eemelin Pirtti for dinners and small parties and Poropirtti that works as a museum and it´s a good place for dinners too. There´s also a traditional sauna and a smoke sauna in the farm area, plus a hole in the ice for you to dip in - if you dare!

We also offer other unique activities including reindeer rides and other reindeer programs, just to mention few. Our reindeer farm is also ideal place for weddings, birthday parties and other events. Smaller or bigger groups are all welcome!

Quality and safety are acting a big role in everything we do, and we are a quality certified company.