Reindeer programs

Reindeer is a half tame animal, that has its own nature and habits. Therefore it takes several years to train one as a reliable and safe sleigh reindeer. Every reindeer is trained individually from the very beginning. During that period we will get to know every personality, tricks and many other interesting things.

On our farm you have a chance to get familiar with the training of these beautiful Lappish animals together with a professional reindeer herder.

Come and get to know Nemo, Roni, Kuura and all the other reindeers!

Reindeer & You

A unique  chance to get familiar with reindeers together with a true reindeer herder. You'll hear stories about reindeers, how to work with them, and if there's  anything you would like to know – just ask! While chatting, you can feed and pet a grown up reindeer, and a younger one that's still under training. You can also gather your family or friends and take a beautiful group-photo with this Lapland's own symbol animal!

Duration about 20 minutes

Price: Family (2+2) 35€, adults 10€/person

Reindeer's Year-Presentation

Presentation takes place at Sammuntupa reindeer farm and Poropirtti, the museum. During the presentation you will hear almost everything there is to hear about reindeer herding and everyday living in a reindeer farm, now and then.  After the presentation, you will get the opportunity to get to know domesticated reindeer and feed them.

Duration about 30 minutes

Price: Family (2+2) 35€, adults 10€/person minimum 4 person

We also organize transportations  for wedding couples or other kind of parties in Levi.

Request for an offer!