Reindeer rides

For ages reindeers have been the most significant and typical animals for Lapland, and they've been used for all kind of logistic purposes for decades. Now you can get a clue on how people used to live in Lapland a long time ago and enjoy the beautiful Lappish nature on a reindeer pulled sleigh at the same time.

All of our reindeer rides are accomplished by our own reindeers, that we've raised and trained on our own with skills that've been used here for several generations.

Come and experience a true Lappish way of life!

To Turf Chamber of Kukkura

We travel with reindeers like our ancestors. In the middle of the trip we'll have a stop at the traditional turf chamber. During the break we'll have some snack by the open fire and hear stories about reindeers and Lappish lifestyle. When we're done, we'll return back to the farm through the silent, snowy forest.

About 12km

Duration  about 3h. Min 4 pers

Price: adult 120€ (children 70€) from January till April

Rangifer Aurora

During evening let's go to top of Taalovaara to see if there is Northern lights. We shall spend a moment in Kota by the open fire, hear stories and have some snack.

Price: adult 80€ (children 50€)

"Pailakan Nulkkaus"

It's not too long and not too short – a perfect reindeer ride!

About 3km

Price: adult 50€ (children 35€)

"Urakan Tolvaus"

Reindeer ride in a snowy landscape.

About 2km

Price: adult 35€ (children 25€)

"Kermikän Kilostelu"

Calming reindeer ride next to Ounasriver.

About 1km

Price: adult 25 € (children 15 €)

Ride in Reindeer Toboggan

Come to experiance unforgettable moment in reindeer toboggan, as the way it use to do.

This someting a bit more exciting reindeer ride.

Price: adult 35€